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Would you like to experience flying an airplane like the real one? Now you can fly an airplane by using airplane flying simulator even you are just at home!

Choosing the best
 flying plane simulator could comes complete with a fully realized and modeled world, with landmarks and accurate scenery for every part of the globe, that is powered by Google Maps.

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I just discovered the most REALISTIC Airplane Flying Simulator game I've ever come across with over 25,000 real world airports and 200 aircrafts to fly.

The best flight sim should maps the real world military data for the entire globe to provide stunning accuracy and realism. With this you can experience REAL LIFE flying on your PC or MAC!


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Would you like to have Airplane Flying Simulator that is:

- Over 200+ different aircrafts to fly from old to the latest and advanced commercial and military fighting jets

- Over 25,000+ Real Airports With changeable Weather and NASA Flight Models.




- Realistic terrains and world top scenery based on US Defense Mapping Agency

- Fly different types of helicopters with real-life handling controls

- Realistic controls and lighting


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- Realistic 3D Cockpit views

- 100% flight freedom and weather control

- Multiplayer support for PC & Mac

- and more features!


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