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A more get paid to blog sites.

Here are continuation of list of sites you can work to get paid as blogger. Just click on it to direct you to their application page. Kindly share this page to your friends in social media so we can help them too getting paid when working from home.

Payment Structure: Per post
Application Link:
DETAILS: Blogitive is a new blogging network that pays bloggers per post. Bloggers earn money by publishing their opinions and do not need to advertise anything. Blogitive will be offering Ghost Blogging and Comment Moderation services in the future. Blogitive explains that bloggers should apply to their network after their blogs have been established with a readership base. One benefit of Blogitive is that they pay every week.

Payment Structure: Per Task ($4-$25 per entry)
Application Link:
DETAILS: Blogsvertise is a blogging advertising network that assigns bloggers different Contents assignments based on advertisers needs. Blogsvertise does not actually requires bloggers to advertise or promote advertisers but rather write articles about the advertisers with backlinks.

Blogsvertise does not allow bloggers to determine price per post, and they mention that a third party determines how much bloggers get paid, but that it is usually $4-$25 per post, and can be higher if blogs have more substantial traffic. Like several other blog networks, Blogsvertise requires that blog articles remain on the blog indefinitely and are not deleted.

Payment Structure: $10 upfront plus revenue share.
Application Link:
DETAILS: BrightHub pays technology experts for articles on their site. You will likely need experience in some type of technology related field to able to write for BrightHub. Once accepted you are paid upfront for your articles ($10) and a revenue sharing percentage based on how much traffic your articles get.

BrightHub does not require a minimum number of articles from its writers, so it is flexible on that issue. It might be a good idea for some name exposure to write for BrightHub since it does get a large amount of traffic, and if you are interested in technology you might enjoy being a writer for them.


Buy Blog Reviews
Payment Structure: Paid per post
Application Link:
DETAILS: Buy Blog Reviews is another blog review advertising website that links bloggers with advertisers. Their only method of income for bloggers is pay per review. Buy Blog Reviews has a lot of traffic and a simple interface.

The way it works is by advertisers posting review projects and having bloggers bid on them. They have a wide choice of professional to amateur bloggers to choose from. Bloggers get to bid on opportunities related to their blog topics. The site is simple enough to use for bloggers and advertisers, and payments are made with Paypal every 1st and 15th of every month.

Creative Weblogging
Payment Structure: Per Post And Per Page Views
DETAILS: Creative Weblogging is a fairly selective blog network that pays bloggers per post once they are accepted into their network. In particular, they are looking for blogs with 50,000 page views/month.

They have a current network of 150+ blogs. They pay $7 or more per post along with $1 per 1000 page views. They offer hosting and free guest bloggers. They also offer editing services. This site may be a good option for a blog that is starting to take off and is looking for editors to assist them with their content along with access to other blogs for guest blogs and revenue streams.

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