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Continuation of paid blogging sites

Payment Structure: $4.00 per blog post with quarterly promotions available
Application Link:
DETAILS: accepts new bloggers on a recurring basis. They require that new bloggers have experience in one of the topics that are blogged about on the site including parenting, marriage, family fun, gardening, and more.

They self host the blogs on their site and the blog is promoted on the site so it will get traffic. The pay isn't that great, but there is still high competition for the site. The required entries are 300 words or longer and there is a 90 day probationary period. Application is through an email containing their required information about your experience, a short bio, and some samples.


Glam Media

Payment Structure: Depends (Varies based on blog, blogger's choice advertising package, and other factors)

Application Link:

DETAILS: Glam Media is one of the two blog advertising networks that completed a $84.6 million dollar investment deal last year. It has a wider network of blogs than Federated Media, the other network that completed a large deal last year. Federated Media is highly selective, and so is Glam Media, but Glam Media's blog network is much larger (1400+) and thus there is a better chance of being accepted to Glam Media.

If your blog makes it through the application phase, you are assigned a designated advertisement representative, which is uncommon for blog advertising networks. This rep will help determine the best advertisers for your blog and deal with much of the advertising related business, while you can focus more time on your content. An ad space on your blog may be advertised on exclusively by an advertiser, or it may be packaged with ad space on other blogs.

Link Post


Payment Structure: Per Post

Application Link:

DETAILS: Link Post is a part of a larger advertising network called Link Worth. Link Post is the portion of the network that focuses on paid blog posts. Bloggers can earn money on Link Post by writing advertiser directed blog posts. Again, this helps to generate buzz for advertiser websites, while bloggers can make money. Link Post pays 70% of the cost of the post to the advertiser to the blogger.

Loud Launch


Payment Structure: Varies based on type of advertising campaign

Application Link:

DETAILS: Loud Launch is a blog advertising network that offers advertisers and bloggers a number of different blog advertising options. There are paid posts and press release options available to bloggers, among other types of advertising.

Advertisers on Loud Launch create an advertising campaign and bloggers can choose from available campaigns. Generally, the advertisers choose blogs that have target audiences that the advertisers which to promote their products or services to. Loud Launch is worth a look for bloggers looking for an alternative advertising networks that or diversifying their income streams.


Pay Per Post
Payment Structure: Blogger choice of rates per word.
Application Link:
DETAILS: Pay Per Post just launched a new site with a new layout and payment structure. Bloggers get to determine the prices they would like to be paid per word for advertising posts. Advertisers get to pick who they would like to blog about them. They also get to determine whether they wish to accept or reject a post.

There is a $10.00 fee for advertisers to post “opportunities” which are writing jobs for bloggers. Advertisers can also pay for bloggers to link to their site. Pay Per Post is a good site for bloggers as they have complete control over how much they get paid.

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