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A more list of paid blogging sites

Pay U 2 Blog
Payment Structure: Per assignment
Application Link:
DETAILS: Although there is not much info about Pay U 2 Blog's payment structure on their main page, it looks as if the site allows bloggers to earn pay per post fees. It seems as if this is a newer site. It mentions that they get several applications for bloggers and that they are selective about the blogs they allow in their network.

They require that their blogs are at least 90 days old, and they mention that they have a good number of assignments every week for bloggers. They pay every 2 weeks via Paypal. This site may be worth a shot to see what type of assignments are available and how much they are offering for payments.


Review Me
Payment Structure: Per Review
Application Link:
DETAILS: Review Me is another review oriented blogging advertising site. Bloggers get paid $20.00-$200.00 per review that they publish. Advertisers benefit from the traffic and interest that reviews of their products/services generate. Reviews are required to be a minimum of 200 words. Review Me accepts bloggers all around the world and payment can be through a PrePaid Mastercard or through Paypal. Bloggers benefit from this site by getting to choose how much they would like to make per review.

Six Apart
Payment Structure: Blogger's choice of fee for ad space
Application Link:
DETAILS: Six Apart is another blogging advertising company that has a wide variety of blogs and advertisers in its network. It is similar to Glam Media and other large blog advertising companies and it is considered one of the major players in the blog advertising world. Six Apart is the company that created Movable Type, a blog publishing platform, TypePad, a blog hosting service, VOX, and

Blogs can apply for the program if their blog is at least 60 days old, is updated weekly, is hosted by a service that can support advertisements, and is not profane or has adult content. If you are granted membership into Six Apart, there are a number of advertising opportunities for your blog and it is definitely a recommended choice network to work with if your blog meets the above requirements.

Payment Structure: Pay Per Post or Pay Per Click
Application Link:
DETAILS: Smorty is a unique blog advertising network in that it allows bloggers to earn money for each post they write about other blogs, or through mini stores that earn bloggers pay per click commissions. Smorty also offers a cool post exchange program, where a blogger that posts about another blog is guaranteed a post about his or her blog. For instance, if a blogger writes 100 posts about other blogs, they are guaranteed 100 posts written about their blog.

Social Spark
Payment Structure: Varies (Pay Per Post, CPA, and Blog Per Day Sponsorship)
Application Link:
DETAILS: Social Spark is a neat looking blog network that gets a substantial amount of traffic and has several monetization options for bloggers and advertising options for advertisers. Advertisers can “rent” a blog out for a whole day and have the blogger write assignments exclusively for that advertiser for that day

This site has a ton of opportunities for bloggers, many of which are pay per post opportunities and the pay varies but can be quite substantial. It is definitely a good option for any blogger to find more work.

Sponsored Reviews
Payment Structure: Per review ($5.00-$1000+)
Application Link:
DETAILS: Sponsored Reviews is a site that matches bloggers with advertisers who are looking for bloggers to write reviews on a particular product, site, or service. The advertiser receives traffic from the blog, and the blogger is paid a fee for the review. Essentially, it's an organized way for bloggers to find advertisers looking for reviews and vice versa. Sponsored Reviews has 23,000 bloggers in their database. They mention that they do not expect bloggers to write only positive reviews, but rather honest reviews even with criticism where it is necessary.

With the potential to earn substantial amounts per review depending on the blog and other factors, it makes sense for a blogger to sign up for sites like these as they are yet another way to monetize blogging.

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