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For Every Post you make on your blog site you will be paid by them!

Basically these sites pay you to blog about topics that the site or another business would like you to write about, and you get paid an amount of money for it. Generally these sites require that you already have an established blog, and may ask for details on traffic, unique visitors, how long the blog has existed, and other details.

These sites are competing with the largest online advertising networks in the world such as Google, MSN, and Yahoo by creating a more unique and specific interaction and communication with both bloggers and advertisers.

Instead of simply putting contextual ads next to related content on a blog, like Adsense or other contextual advertising networks do, these sites and networks have more targeted campaigns for the advertiser based on demographic and traffic data of the blogs in their network and other factors. So they are willing to pay someone who can do blog post for them.

Here Are the List Of Sites Willing To Pay You To Blog:

B5 Media
Payment Structure: Varies Depending On Job
Application Link:
DETAILS: B5 Media is one of the major blog networks on the internet, as it has approximately 10 million page views per month in all of its blog networks, with 1 million unique visitors per month.Getting accepted to write for one of B5 Media's blogs is a major accomplishment, as B5 Media is widely recognized in the writing world. There is no doubt that B5 Media would open several doors of opportunity for a blogger.

B5 advertises their jobs on Pro Blogger's job board. Each particular job has different rights and payment structures, however it seems like B5 is always hiring talented writers, so having a look at the job board on a regular basis for jobs of interest is a good idea. They also handle advertising on their own unique network, and although the payment rate likely varies depending on the blog you write for, there is likely a very fair and potentially substantial payment structure for writers.

Blog Advertising Store
Payment Structure: Varies based on blogger's choice
Application Link:
DETAILS: Blog Advertising Store is a review oriented advertising network. It works like this: advertisers have a product, service, or site they wish to promote. They can choose to have a blogger post a pre-written press release promoting their interest, or they can have the blogger write about the product, service, or site. Bloggers can choose how much a review will cost on their blog. The advertiser can select the criteria for the type of blog that they wish to promote their interest on, and they can also choose any anchor text, links, and images they wish the blogger to use in the review.

The blogger looks up the review requests that match his or her blog, and requests to write the review. If the blogger is approved, the review will be approved by Blog Advertising Store and the job will be completed.

Blog To Profit
Payment Structure: Per post (amount unspecified)
Application Link:
DETAILS: Blog To Profit is a blog network that requires blogs be at least 2 months old with quality content updated 2 times per week. Blog To Profit pays bloggers an unspecified amount per post.

The content of the blog post is not required to be advertorial or sales oriented in nature. Blog To Profit requires that bloggers keep their posts up for 12 months after posting them. Assignments are given to bloggers once they are accepted into the network. Payments are on a weekly basis via Paypal.

BlogHer Ads
Payment Structure: Unclear (Most likely pay for performance)
Application Link:
DETAILS: BlogHer ads is network of blogs that are written by women or have a primarily female audience. It claims over 16 million visitors each month for its network of blogs. Blogs may register to be listed in their directory, however for “BlogHer Ads” which is the advertising network related to BlogHer, inclusion is dependent on an application and a number of editorial guidelines. At the present moment there is a waiting list for new blogs into the advertising network.

The BlogHer advertising network is designed to allow advertisers access to select blogs to sell their products and services to a primarily female audience. I could not find information on how payment works for the blogs in the advertising network. It is very likely similar to other blog advertising networks, however one would need to join the waiting list and be accepted for more details.

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We do not guarantee that you will immediately get the job you want. Those company we listed here will be the one who will approved you. You should never pay any fee when joining them. If they are collecting fee, do not join.

We hope for your success! May you find the home jobs that you want.

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