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A great source of data entry job, transcriptionist job, typing job and more.

Working at home is one of the best opportunity you can have. The most well known work at home job is data entry job and you will get paid for every data entry project you've done. It doesn't require too much skills as long as you know how to enter data to computer. Being fast in typing is a great advantage to get the job.

Below are list company sites you can apply to be a data encoder, typist and transcriptionist. Each of them are looking for someone who can do typing job at home. Most of them pay you at a rate of per hour basis.Just browse each site for more information and join on them.

NOTE: You should not pay any money when joining. They all should be free to join and if one of them collect fees, you better think not to join. We are NOT affiliated with any of them, we just research them to the best we can so we can provide you these list and to anyone want to get paid in their work and skills.

Dion Data Solutions

Key For Cash

Capital Typing


George Warehouse

Team Double Click

High Tech Professionals

Right Hand 24x7


La Translation


Worldwide Dictation

Data Entry Services

Viable TEchnologies


Medical Voice Technology Services Inc.

The Coding Network

Cass Information Systems, Inc.

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We do not guarantee that you will immediately get the job you want. Those company we listed here will be the one who will approved you. You should never pay any fee when joining them. If they are collecting fee, do not join.

We hope for your success! May you find the home jobs that you want.

- Website Admin