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Submit Your Very Own Photo and Make Money From It!

It doesn't matter if you are a professional photographer or not and just have your little handy camera on your hand. What all they want is your photo and not about who you are.

Are you addicted in taking photo of yourself or different things? Now you can make money from your hobbies! Simply take different photos like nature, a funny picture, or anythings else that be used to publish on internet for different topics. Many online companies or website owners are looking for great pictures than they can be used on their marketing campaign or as a content to their websites. And their sources to find those pictures they needed is the internet. That is why it is not about who take the phot but more about what is the photo. If they like your photo and think it will be a great help to their marketing campaign or website they sure they be happy to it from you.

There are sites that you can sell or submit your photos. And here are some of the list of site that willpay you for your photos;

ShutterStock - Make your creativity shine at Shutterstock and watch your earnings grow. Get your work seen by the high-volume buyers who prefer Shutterstock. It's free to contribute and you'll earn $0.25 to $28.00 per image download. Imagine how much money you can earn from single photo you submitted! What if your photo was downloaded 10,000 times?

Fotolia  - Sign Up, Upload Your Photos, And Get Paid! Receive Up To 80% Of The Sales Price! They pay you for every photo sold. - Once you join them you can begin selling your photos with them! It is free to join and they also provide free training on how to make your photos professional! iStock pays contributors a base royalty rate of 20% for each file downloaded. If you are an Exclusive contributor you can earn up to 40%.

ShutterPoint - Upload your photos and sell them at whatever price you want! They will provide you a guide which images are in demand. ShutterPoint offers THE highest payout rate online: 85% for Full Royalty-Free License, and 70% for Standard Royalty-Free License. Payouts are delivered by check or through PayPal whenever your earnings exceed your minimum payment amount.

PhotoStockPlus - Earn 85% commission on every stock photo you sell!

PaidPictures - Sign up and browse the list of "assignments". You can even be notified when new assignments are available!

FotoTopic  - When You upload your photos you can allow people to use your photos for T-Shirts, Mugs, etc. - Doing so you are able to set your own rates for your photos! You can ask them to contact you if they want to reproduce your photo.

DreamsTime Photos - Get paid 50 - 65% off every photo that gets downloaded!

Big Stock Photo - Lots of users. Upload a few hundred "quality" photos here and you will develop a nice recurring monthly income!

CanStockPhoto - Low competition (only 2500 photographers) you are almost guaranteed to sell tons of your photos on this site.

Alamy Photos - Earn 65% for every photo that Alama sells for you. Good money! I average about $2000 per month with these guys alone.

Here are more sites that will pay you for your photos:




Recommended Photo Tools:

Photo Show and Host

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