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Additional list of companies

Here are continuation of list of companies you can work to get paid as article writer. Just click on it to direct you to their application page. Kindly share this page to your friends in social media so we can help them too getting paid when working from home.

Consumer Search
Payment Structure: Per Review ($350 minimum per review)
Application Link:
Review: publishes unbiased reviews of a wide variety of products. Consumer Search hires writers to write reviews on particular products. There is an application process that requires a person write a lengthy review of one product, but if you are accepted into their writers program, the pay is substantial at at least $350 per report, and potentially more. Each report is time consuming, but you are well compensated for the time it takes to write one. Reports are subject to editing and reviews by editors, and the copyright belongs to Consumer after payment is submitted to you. The site may or may not use your report, but you will be paid regardless of that. Almost every physical product category imaginable is available on Consumer Search, so if you are interested in a particular type of product, you might consider applying as a review writer.

Daily Article
Payment Structure: Per Sale
Application Link:
Review: Daily Article is similar to Constant Content in that it is also a marketplace for content. It has less overall traffic but it is still a good option for those looking to sell their content at a fixed price. The site lists any submitted content in their search engine. The content is scrambled to ensure that search engines do not pick it up. Each article has a short one to two sentence summary, and also includes a short snippet. The snippet choice and length is determined by the writer. Prices and rights are determined by the writer and thus Daily Article allows a similar amount of flexibility as Constant Content.

Demand Studios
Payment Structure: Upfront (varies)
Application Link:
Review: Demand Studios has a challenging application process. At the moment, only United States residents are accepted as applicants. To date Demand Studios has paid over 15 million dollars to its writers. Demand Studios pays upfront for content. Payment amount varies on the type of work. Generally payment is higher than many sites. Getting hired at Demand Studios requires a few high quality samples preferably published at related sites like eHow or Helium. Demand studios owns several content websites with large readership bases including,,, and more. It is an excellent vehicle to not only make a fair amount of money but to also promote your writing on a very large network. Demand Studios also hires copyeditors from the United States.

Digital Journal
Payment Structure: Performance Based Revenue Sharing (with bonuses for original news stories and for other types of content.
Application Link:
Review: Digital Journal is very similar to in its purpose. Digital Journal started paying writers in 2006 for original news stories and other types of content. It is a “citizen journalism” website, or alternative news network for stories that mainstream media may not cover. Digital Journal will hire from almost every major country in the world. It also accepts videos and pictures as content. Also, opinion pieces are accepted along with original news stories, although original news stories get higher earnings on the site.

Payment Structure: Performance Based (Per 1000 views, varies based on category)
Application Link:
Review: eHow is a high traffic tutorials website. Application is limited to American citizens. eHow’s payment structure is based on the number of views your article receives and the category it is in. Payment is for every 1000 views, and may change depending on the category and popularity of the topic. eHow authors retain the rights to their content and grant eHow non-exclusive rights which are discussed in the terms of service. eHow's high traffic offers great exposures for freelance writers. As an income source it may not be as worthwhile, but a few high traffic articles can get a lot of name or brand recognition.

Payment Structure:Performance Based (page views, unique visitors, session length, and ad performance)
Application Link: is currently limited to US and Canadian applicants, however it claims to be growing a presence in Australia and a few other countries. is a new (April 2008) web based local news source for 100 major U.S. cities and select markets from Canada and other countries.'s growth in the past year has been nothing short of explosive. As of 11-8-09 it is ranked in the top 500 websites in the world for traffic and is growing at a rapid rate. If you qualify as a writer for (there is a criminal background check for applicants), there is a very good chance that your content will be seen by a lot of people. There are several topics to choose to write about, and there are plenty of open “positions” or subjects that have not been written about in particular areas. Also, pictures and video are highly recommended to gain more views to your content.

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