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Payment Structure: Performance Based (with “Gather points”)
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Review: Gather advertises itself as a social networking site where users share their ideas and content with each other for the purpose of making friendship. Gather is very community oriented and would fit those who are interested in social networking along with publishing their content and getting exposure/feedback from others. Gather pays its content writers with “Gather Points” which can be redeemed for gift certifications or cash with Paypal. Gather rewards Gather Points for content performance and other activities on the site. Gather receives a large amount of traffic and may be good exposure for your name.

Ground Report
Payment Structure: Performance based ( )
Application Link:
Review: Ground Report is referred to as a “citizen news portal.” It is similar to in that local amateur or professional journalists cover a wide range of news stories and submit them to the site. There is an undisclosed revenue sharing potential with this site, along with the ability to promote stories about local businesses (even your own business). Your stories are voted to the front page by other users on the site, and they can post comments on your stories, so there's also the opportunity for a little social networking.

Payment Structure: Upfront/Revenue Sharing (varies based on category)
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Review: Helium is an excellent alternative to Associated Content for international writers. Helium has several methods for its writers to earn money. Any articles submitted to Helium have the potential to earn both upfront money and money through a revenue share based on the performance of the article and the category. Earning upfront money requires at least one “writing star.” Writing stars are given out based on the number of articles published. Articles published on Helium are non-exclusive and thus the writers retain copyright. There is also a marketplace for content, similar to Textbroker, where clients looking for content can submit writing jobs with a fixed price and writers can bid on those jobs. Any articles written for the marketplace are sold with exclusive rights to the purchasing client. Helium is also introducing “stock content” which is an archive of Helium content that is listed for sale to clients with a non-exclusive license. Thus, if a publisher finds interest in your article, you can make money by selling a license to publish the content on a different site or medium, and you still retain your copyright

Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing (60% of Adsense, 100% of eBay and Amazon affiliate sales)
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Review: Hubpages is similar to Squidoo in that it offers “hubs” which are similar to lenses in that there are two ways to earn revenue, from affiliate or personal links, and eBay and
Amazon affiliate sales. Hubpages has a social network similar to Squidoo where users can rate each others' hubs and post comments. Hubs are expected to be longer than a short article, and to go into a fair amount of depth about the topic at hand. Generally, 900-1000+ word hubs are a safe bet for minimum length. Hubpages generally has stricter content regulations. Many internet marketing topics that relate to digital products are not allowed. Hubpages has a similar level of traffic as Squidoo, and it is a great option for those who would like to get more name recognition and make a bit of money while doing so.

Jungle Page
Payment Structure: Per completed essay.
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Review: Jungle Page is an custom academic writing website that pays writers in their database per completed essay, book report, college entrance essay, or for proof reading. Jungle Page offers competitive compensation to its writers and Jungle Page notes that some writers make up to $750 per week. Once essays are submitted to Jungle Page the website owns the copyrights over the material. Jungle Page requires that writers submit samples to prove their writing skill.

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