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Life Tips
Payment Structure: Performance Based and Per Sale (explained below)
Application Link:
Review: Life Tips is a content website that focuses on high quality content written by experts on a particular subject called “gurus.” Gurus publish “tips” which are short pieces of advice or opinions by gurus on their subject of expertise. There is an application process and it is selective. The process requires 3 sample tips, a resume, and other information. If you are accepted, you can write a book of 101 tips and have it physically published by The book is $9.99 and you would receive $2.00 for every book sold, which is one way to earn money on the site. Also, you would make 20% advertising revenue from any ads clicked on your personal site that would give you.

My Lot
Payment Structure:“a proprietary model that rewards quality responses, relevant discussions and images” (from:
Application Link:
Review:mY Lot is a content website with a unique layout. It is also a social networking website. The way mY Lot works is like this: a user starts a conversation about any topic, and other users respond to the initiate topic or question. The site seems to attract a younger crowd, although the minimum age to use the site is 16. Payment is based upon a performance system, and it is not clear exactly how payment is calculated. The site allows worldwide users and it gets plenty of traffic. The content seems to be more entertainment oriented, and the site is more of an online forum than an article base. There are also feeds from regular news articles, blog hosting, weather updates, and more features.


Payment Structure: Per sale (50%)
Application Link:
Review: Oboulo is a large searchable document database. It publishes research papers, essays, reports, and mostly academic content. Oboulo accepts international applicants. There is a high acceptance rate of applicants, but a lower acceptance rate for submitted papers. Oboulo screens its documents, and after it accepts a document, it will list it on its search engine and site. Oboulo pay's 50% of each paper sold after sale. The higher the number of pages, the higher the payment. Oboulo may be a good option for those who have academic papers, case studies, or other reports sitting on their hard drive, or for those looking to make side income writing papers for sale on Oboulo.

Rate It All
Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing with Adsense (50%)
Application Link:
Review: Rate It All is an up and coming review website with substantial traffic and it is backed by several investing companies. Google did a feature article on how Rate It All successfully implemented the Google Adsense API for its users to earn revenue. As the name implies, Rate It All is a review website that encourages its writers to rate or review anything and everything. Users may create lists that can be reviewed by other users, or submit reviews of their own. Compensation is based on how much Adsense revenue the user's list or reviews receive. Users can also add new items to other user's lists, upon the list owners approval, and those new items that receive hits can make Adsense earnings.

Payment Structure: Revenue Share (10%)
Application Link:
Review:Shvoong is a summary and short review website of books, movies, websites, academic articles, and many other things. Shvoong gets a substantial amount of traffic and allows writers to earn revenue by writing a summary or review of an article, book, newspaper, or website with a maximum of 900 words. Shvoong offers a lower revenue share than many other comparable websites, but it is unique in that it does not require very lengthy articles, and that it does not require an exclusive license for the reviews. Shvoong is a good idea for writers looking to get some exposure for their brand, or for those who want to test out how much revenue they can earn from publishing short reviews on a high traffic website.

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