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Final list below;

Here are continuation of list of companies you can work to get paid as writer. Just click on it to direct you to their application page. Kindly share this page to your friends in social media so we can help them too getting paid when working from home.

Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing (50% of Adsense, eBay, Amazon or other affiliate sales)
Application Link:
Review: Squidoo has one of the largest traffic bases of any content oriented website. Squidoo has no screening requirements for applicants, but content has become more regulated recently. Squidoo is a content website that hosts “lenses” which are short informational websites on almost any topic. Writers on Squidoo can create any number of lenses on different topics. Lenses are required to be original researched material. Squidoo does allow a wide variety of topics. It prefers content relating to a person's expertise, hence the motto “everyone is an expert.” Squidoo makes money from Adsense links, eBay, and Amazon affiliate links. You get a 50% share this of any revenue that your content generates. There is also the potential for affiliate sales as Squidoo allows a small number of links to affiliate websites or personal websites. Squidoo allows a great deal of personal customization as a pose to other content websites. There is a social element on Squidoo that allows networking with other lensmasters.

Suite 101
Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing (Adsense, undisclosed percentage)
Application Link:
Review: Suite 101 has a fairly demanding application, requiring at least two samples of your work, preferably published on another website. Suite 101 hires international writers. Suite 101 has a very professional author base. All of their published articles are original content, and the content has fairly high standards. Thus, being an approved writer for Suite 101 is a great addition to any resume for any entrepreneur. Several entrepreneurs have realized this and are contributing content to Suite 101 more. Suite 101 claims 17 million readers per month. It is an excellent resource for freelance writing professionals looking to get more exposure, and others who are looking to expand their name or brand recognition. At the top and bottom of your articles, there is a link to your biography, where you can place a link to your website. This is particularly useful for getting additional traffic from your readers.

Text Broker
Payment Structure: Per Assignment. Varies from (0.10 per word to 0.67 per word)
Application Link:
Review: Textbroker is a marketplace for clients looking to hire article writers. Textbroker accepts U.S. citizens and residents as writers, although it claims to be working on a solution for global writers. It is a great place for a U.S. based freelance writer to get some experience and work. The application process requires a sample, after which the author is rated from 1 to 5 stars, with 5 being professional quality and 1 star being the lowest quality. Textbroker also offers writers the option to receive direct orders from clients who like the writer's particular style.

Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing
Application Link:
Review: Triond is a content publisher that publishes your content on sites relevant to your topic. Trion accepts not only text, but audio, video, and pictures. Triond pays 50% of the revenue generated from the advertisements on the sites that your content is published to. Triond's article sites are very targeted and have good readership bases. Triond can be used by anyone in the world.

Payment Structure: Revenue Sharing (50% of Adsense)
Application Link:
Review: Xomba is a content site similar to Squidoo or Hubpages. It is also a social networking website, which is an added bonus for people looking to expand their network. It accepts a wide variety of writers and has content on a large number of categories. Xomba writers publish what are called “Xombytes” which are basically blog posts, articles, or fiction writings that are greater than 150 words and original. Xomba gets a large amount of traffic and accepts writers worldwide. Xomba allows the ability to add friends, have a personal profile, instant message other users, and more.

This is all we have for this time. Once we found another good site we will add it here.

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We do not guarantee that you will immediately get the job you want. Those company we listed here will be the one who will approved you. You should never pay any fee when joining them. If they are collecting fee, do not join.

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