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Join the Site That Willing To Pay For Your Knowledge or Professions Topics That You Will Write For Them.

There are a large number of websites that pay you for you to license their content. Each site is almost completely unique in the type of payments it offers, the copyrights it expects from your work, and more.

I have researched each site individually to find out what it is about and to help you decide whether or not the site will fit your needs.

I hope you get one or more websites that interest you and will help you expand your business, give you name recognition, and ultimately bring more traffic and sales to your business.

Here are the list of sites:

Payment Structure: Monthly stipend along with performance based revenue (varies)
Application Link:
Review: is a website where experts called “Guides” share information on their particular field of knowledge. There are over 2 million articles on on a wide variety of topics, and it is one of the most widely read sites in the world. guides go through a semi-rigorous application. If they are accepted, they receive a monthly stipend along with performance based payments. Although this site may not be an option for several freelancers, if you are accepted into their writer's program, you will gain a lot of credibility and be able to build a large readership base. hires for particular topics, so you will have to check if your area of expertise is being hired before applying.

Article Sale
Payment Structure: Per sale
Application Link:
Review: Article sale is similar to Constant Content. It accepts international applicants and is a marketplace for articles that you determine the price of. Article sale is unique in that it does not take any fee for the transaction, thus making it an attractive choice for article marketers. Article sale does not get as many visitors as Constant Content yet, but it still makes sense to list content for sale here, as there is no listing fee.

Associated Content
Payment Structure: Upfront for U.S. residents (Varies based on article topic, rights granted, demand, and other criteria) Performance based for non-US residents ($1.50 per 1000 views)
Application Link:
Review: Associated Content is one of the more well known websites that pay for writing. Associated Content is a very popular website and will accept articles in a wide variety of topics. Upfront payment is limited to U.S. citizens or permanent residents, however there is the opportunity for performance based payments for non U.S. citizens. Although non U.S. citizens may not receive upfront payments, Associated Content is still a good choice to submit non exclusive content for the increased exposure to your name/brand and potential for some performance based revenue.

Payment Structure: Performance Based
Application Link:
Review: Bukisa is a content site similar to Associated Content, except it is not limited to only U.S. residents. Bukisa is a high traffic content directory, and it does not ask for an exclusive license to your content, which allows you to publish it elsewhere. Articles are paid by performance – more unique views make more revenue. Also, there are referral bonuses of 25% of the revenue of any person referred to Bukisa.

Constant Content
Payment Structure:Per Sale (You choose the price)
Application Link:
Review:Constant Content is a very versatile content sharing website that allows you to submit content with three different levels of rights discussed more in detail here: Constant Content allows you to upload an unlimited number of articles for sale and you get to determine the price for the content. The site does not allow search engine indexing of the content, so there are no worries of someone stealing your content without paying. It does allow a short snippet of each article to let clients know what they are going to buy. Constant Content is a great option for writers who have articles they have not published sitting around and for those who want more control over the price of their content.

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We do not guarantee that you will immediately get the job you want. Those company we listed here will be the one who will approved you. You should never pay any fee when joining them. If they are collecting fee, do not join.

We hope for your success! May you find the home jobs that you want.

- Website Admin