Natural Whitening Teeth

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Causes of Teeth Staining


Natural aging of teeth is normally happens to everyone and this causes the teeth enamel to starts developing tiny cracks that will eventually lose the crystalline rods in the tooth.




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Thinning the enamel making the teeth more transparent and showing through the yellowish color of the dentin. Aging of teeth, eating habits, food choices, medication, lifestyles, health conditions and many other factors are the main reasons of developing tiny cracks in the enamel of teeth that accumulate debris in between spaces of tiny cracks and suddenly became the stain on teeth.

To prevent getting stain again avoid drinking too much wine, coffee, softdrinks, smoking and other beverage or food containing chemicals and preservatives. If eating those food and drinks is unavoidable then make sure that after you eat them you should brush your teeth.

Based on research the best way to whiten teeth naturally is by using the  Natural Teeth Whitening Method.


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