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How To Take Care of Your Teeth


how-to-take-care-teethHaving the white teeth is not enough because a proper care should be done to prevent it from turning again into a discoloration. As the doctor said prevention is better than cure. So taking care of teeth is needed to have wonderful smile that last for so long.

There is reason why your tooth turns into yellow. As we told in the first page the main cause is the tiny cracks that appear in the tooth enamel causing to be deposited of stains. Now we have to determine the cause of those tiny cracks and the stains. 

All of those discolorations in our teeth is mainly caused by our eating habits. If you are eating and drinking food that has preservatives and colorful ingredients like can goods, pasta, soft drinks, wine and others causes stains to your teeth. Brushing a tooth may clean your tooth but not all since there are tiny cracks in the tooth enamel.

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Coffee, tea and smoking are also a great factor that affects the color and strength of our teeth. They have caffeine and nicotine that greatly damage the tooth enamel and contribute yellowish to our teeth.

Drinking hot water then after a while will drink cold water can cause tiny cracks to tooth enamel. So avoid drinking cold water after you have just taking in hot water.

So those are the common causes of tiny cracks and stains to our teeth. Now let us discuss how you can take care of your teeth. Here's the enumeration of them for easily to understand:

- Avoid drinking tea, coffee and wine too often. If cannot be avoided make sure

  to brush your teeth after drinking of them so that stains will never deposits.

- Eat fruits and vegetables regularly. They can help your teeth makes stronger.

- Never drink cold water after just drinking hot water or vice versa.

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