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Natural Ingredients to Whiten Teeth


stawberry-as-natural-ingredients-to-whiten-teethNowadays many experts told that using strawberry, lemon and orange can whiten teeth naturally. In lemon and orange it was the skin of it that uses to clean up the teeth, just try it at home and see their effects.

 There are also some fruits or vegetables that was uses to whiten teeth. Like for example the African people, their teeth are great and white. There are fruits on their country


that they used as teeth whiteners. Also other people from Asian continent have their own way of natural whitening teeth.

Rinsing your mouth with 75% lemon juice and 25% salt is a great whitening agent. Some of the best foods and drinks will also help to keep bacteria from forming on the teeth. They may include celery and cranberry juice. Eating fruits and vegetables are helpful since it has no chemical. Also processed foods that contain acids and other chemical can affect the color of your teeth.  

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Bacteria are one of the main caused of yellow teeth. Dark chocolate will also help to reduce bacteria on the teeth. When you see your teeth start to yellow, you may want to get out some chocolate instead of paying high cost for teeth whitening products. But too much chocolate may caused tooth decay so always brush your teeth after chocolate eating. 


Based on research the best way to whiten teeth naturally is by using  Natural Teeth Whitening.


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