Natural Whitening Teeth

"Discover The Natural Ways of Whitening Teeth at Home"


Natural Ways to Whiten Teeth


natural-ways-to-whiten-teethThere are natural ways to whiten your teeth at home without using any chemical gels or laser treatments that is available in the market nowadays.

Based on history, old time’s people already whitening their teeth with natural remedies and ingredients. They did not have gels, pastes, and even dentists to help them with their dental needs. People themselves are dentist and took care of their teeth with their own natural procedures.

Some people in old times use a mixture of honey, vinegar and wine to clean their tooth. If you want you may try it on your home and see the difference and effect. Some people uses a piece of clothes with salt or ashes and water mixed on it as whitening agents. You may give it a shot and see the result.

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Another shocking method based on history is the use of human urine on their tooth to whiten teeth! Well for sure you don't want to do that and I am too!


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