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Side Effects of Hydrogen Peroxide


The common side effects of hydrogen peroxide are:


- Irritation on gums, mouth and tongue

- It increases sensitivity of gums, tooth as well as tongue.

- Discoloration of tongue and gum due to corrosion of tooth enamel when whitening products applied.

- Gums pain and tooth sensitivity.

- Throat soreness.


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Those above are some of the common side effects of using teeth whitening products that contain hydrogen peroxide. If you want to whiten your teeth naturally then you should visit the site:  Natural Whitening Teeth.


Who should not use Teeth Whitener containing hydrogen peroxide?

Teeth whiteners are not for everyone. Here are the types of people who should not use chemical teeth whiteners;

- Pregnant women because it may affect the development of your baby.

- Lactating mother.

- Anyone below 16 years old.

- Those that have allergies appear when using whiteners.

- If you have gum disease, exposed roots or worn enamel, wound on  tongue and gum.

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Overall using teeth whiteners have some downfall and taking the natural method is the best and most advisable way of whitening teeth. After gaining white teeth by natural remedies a proper taking care of teeth should be done to prevent or at least minimize the discoloration of teeth.


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