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The Risk of Using Teeth Whitener Products


risk-of-using-teeth-whitener-productsThere are risks in using teeth whitener products specially if using of it was abused and improperly used. Teeth whitener products contains chemical which is not suitable to intake and can harm to your gums.

Most regular user of it might experience irritation in tongue and gums. They became more sensitive than it was before using teeth whitener since the whitening agent can cause scratch or damage the gum and tongue.




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One of the common chemical used in tooth whitening products is the Hydrogen Peroxide. Whenever you read the word contains "oxide" it is poisonous and should not take internally.Yes it can truly whiten your teeth but there could be some side effects you can get from using of it.


Hydrogen peroxide is design to remove stains in teeth and teeth is so hard that the peroxide can do it. Imagine when it goes to your gum r tongue and those are not hard as your tooth. It can make your tongue and gums thin and sensitive.

As chemicals remain chemicals and should not be put your internal body parts. So if your primary concerns is having a good health then avoid using of teeth whitener that uses chemicals like hydrogen peroxide to whiten teeth.

There is alternative way of whitening teeth that is all natural. The ingredient as whitening agent is all natural and has no side effect.


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