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Dermoid Ovarian Cysts is one types cyst that is very frustrating problem for women around the world. They can be very painful and hard to treat and perhaps most frustrating of all is that doctors will most often tell you to do nothing except wait for them to go away.

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What is a Dermoid Cysts?

dermoid-ovarian-cyst-pictures<= This cysts contain many types of cells. They may be filled with hair, teeth, and other tissues that become part of the cyst. They can become large and cause pain.

Dermoid cysts, also known as benign or mature cystic teratomas (MCT). Guide to cure dermoid cyst is available here.

It composed of mature tissues, which can contain elements of all three germ cell layers. They have been reported in patients aged 1–91 years. They are the most common ovarian neoplasm found in adolescence and during pregnancy. While this tumor is usually asymptomatic, 47% of patients complain of abdominal pain.



Although ovarian dermoid rupture and formation involving the bladder, rectum, and intestine are well documented in malignant transformation in the gynecologic literature, Wstulation in benign cystic teratomas has not been commonly reported and is thus not well recognized by physicians.

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Complications and symptoms associated with dermoid cyst include torsion, rupture, infection, malignant transformation, fistula formation, and hemolytic anemia. Since the wall of dermoid cysts is thick, rupture is rare and therefore potentially misinterpreted.

Possible explanations for rupture on perforation include partial torsion of the tumor, resulting in circulatory compromise and subsequent tumor wall necrosis; infection; malignant transformation; and mechanical factons. Although this complication is rare, it is potentially devastating; the most threatening sequelae include acute peritonitis and hemorrhagic shock.


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