Ovarian Cyst

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How Can You Know if You Have Ovarian Cyst?

ovarian-cyst-ultrasoundOvarian cyst can be detected by experiencing the common symptoms of it. But for a sure diagnosis you should undergo an ultrasound test to determine exactly if you have cyst in ovary.

Using ultrasound the doctor can determine exactly the size of cyst and the location of it as well as if it is hollow, solid or contain abnormal structures.

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Most cyst in ovary are not cancerous or benign, but sometimes it can be malignant or cancerous so the doctor should check all cysts that will be diagnosed on patient. Early detection of ovarian cyst can be a great factor in treating it naturally without the need of surgery.

The complicated situation to woman who have ovarian cysts is when she is pregnant. Woman get afraid when she found out that she has Ovarian Cyst on Pregnancy period. A regular check up of doctor is needed when you are on this kind of situation so you and your baby is well safe.





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