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Natural Ovarian Cyst Treatment

ovarian_cyst_natural_treatmentThe treatment for ovarian cyst  is based on the type of cyst. Different types of cysts often have similar symptoms. They may look the same with ultrasound. For that reason, your doctor may watch the cyst for several weeks to see if it disappears on its own. Sometimes, the doctor may prescribe low-dose birth control pills.

These pills stop your body from releasing eggs. That allows time for the cyst to go away on its own before the body resumes its regular cycle. If the cyst does not go away, or if it grows larger, then the doctor considers surgery. A cystectomy is one surgical procedure that may be used to remove the cyst from the normal ovarian tissue. If the cyst cannot be removed, then the entire ovary will be removed.


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These procedures can be done by laparoscopy. Two or 3 small cuts are made in the wall of the lower belly (abdomen). The doctor then uses a lighted scope and small instruments to remove the cyst. A laparotomy  is more like standard surgery. A large cut is made in the abdomen, below the belly button. If cancer is suspected, the doctor may do a laparotomy to check other areas in the pelvis and abdomen for possible cancer.



Can ovarian cysts be prevented?

No, ovarian cysts cannot be prevented. It is common to women but the good news is that most cysts are:

• don’t cause symptoms
• are not cancerous
• go away on their own


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