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ovarian_cyst_testimonials“After becoming my doctor’s lab rat, trying half a dozen prescription drugs including birth control pills to solve my problem,I found out my cysts had actually grown larger, now the size of a tennis ball! (The fact is, 95.6% of all women who treat their ovarian cyst conventionally end up worse than when they started! )

And to top it off, I couldn’t sleep. Stressed and scared, thoughts of cancer ran through my head now that my pap smear return abnormal and I laid there every night, on my left side because the pain was unbearable any other way, worrying endlessly about the cyst growing on my ovary. Months went by, I missed a period and the pain got worse, by now I knew the exact day I ovulated, that was the day the pain would be excruciating, I’d be on the floor in tears, my whole stomach felt like it was on fire and few days later it felt like someone had beaten me up I was so soar.

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It was difficult getting by, I hid the pain from everyone, telling them I was fine, I didn’t want to be a burden, but when I was alone I cried. The pain was getting so bad I had to take a few weeks off work. Then one day I felt a sharp, stabbing pain and immediately rushed to the hospital.

Everything my doctor told me made me feel worse, so I decided to find a new one, only to realize they were telling me the same thing. Every doctor I talked to said the same thing, “surgery is your only option”. That’s when it all started.”

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