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What Type of Surgery Should You Take?




ovarian_cyst_surgeryThey type of surgery you need depends on the size of your cyst, how your cyst looks on the sonogram, or if your doctor thinks this might be cancer.

If the cyst is small, about the size of a plum, if it looks benign on the sonogram, your doctor may decide to do a laparoscopy.

This type of surgery is done with a lighted instrument like a slender telescope. This is put into your abdomen through a small incision either just above or just below your navel. With the laparoscope, your doctor can see your organs.

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Often the cyst can be removed with only small incisions in the pubic hairline. If the cyst looks too big to remove or drain with the laparoscope or if it looks suspicious in any way, your doctor will probably do a laparotomy. A laparotomy needs a bigger incision to remove either the cyst or the entire ovary.





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