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guitar-boatBuying new or second hand boat can cost you too much and you may never satisfy on design and quality of the boat. That is why many boat lovers want to build their own boat so they can have the boat that meet their taste, design and quality needs. Therefore they end up looking for wooden boat plans they can use as guide in building a wooden boat.


Building your own wooden boat is fun and very easy if you have the right boat plans to follow. It saves you a lot of money and you can customize the boat to meet your desired looks and durability. So where to find Quality Wooden Boat Plansto start your project? There are lot of boat plans available online but we highly recommend you to buy a package boat plans that can gives you different variety of wooden boat plans instead of buying a per piece or sheet plan of boat.




 Different Boat Plans

Here are some of the types of boat you may want to build. Just click on it for more details.


Contain Different Boat Plans

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3D Boat Design

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 wooden dory boat plans

Wooden Dory Boat Plans

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wooden houseboat plan

Houseboat Plan

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Inflatable Boat Ready to use

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wooden fishing boat plan

Wooden Fishing Boat Plan

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Canoe Boat Plans

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inboard runabout boat plan

Inboard Runabout Boat Plans 

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sailboat plans

Sailboat Plans

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yacht boat plans

Yacht Boat Plans

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Why You Should Build Your Own Wooden Boat Today?

Most people may say "I don't need to build my own boat", yes maybe that person has no passion in boating. But look at our earth today, many countries are experiencing 'Flash Flood' which they never experienced before from so many years. Flash Flood could come to you unexpected specially if your place is located near the river or lake.

Due to global warming, many iceberg are now dissolving and this scenario makes the volume of water to increase and most places are now experiencing heavy rains. Did you hear the flood in Saudi Arabia? "Gosh! is that true?", well just google it! Also the flood in Australia? did you see it on the news? What also happen to New Orleans?, the whole city was submerged to water! Download Boat Plans Collection Here

Our mother earth has changed, it is not as it was 10 years ago. More iceberg will dissolve and maybe 10 years from now most cities will be erased in the world map and became part of ocean because they are below sea level.

Building a wooden boat is easy and fun. If you have no passion in boating you might need it in the future or in emergency situation. And if you are planning to build a boat, you should have to pick the Best Wooden Boat Plans. Try to build one specially if you are near rivers, lake or ocean and experience how nice it is to build your own boat.