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Kayaks and Inflatable boats are one of awesome kinds of boat. It is lightweight and easy to move.This is perfectly to use in rivers by someone who like the adventures.

The experts highly recommended to buy is the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak

SEE Kayaks Can:

  • Rocket fearlessly down Class IV rapids. 
  • Traverse miles of wilderness rivers to spend weeks at primitive   campsites. 
  • Fly fish remote trout streams other fishermen can’t get to. 
  • Carry easily on a small plane to impossibly obscure fishing or camping sites 



SEE Kayak and inflatable boats are ready for wet OR dry conditions with four extra-large, easily convertible drains.

Drains CLOSED, they don’t let a drop of water in so you and your cargo stay comfortably dry in calm water. And – worst case – even filled to the gunwales with water, the Explorer Kayak still floats.

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The Sea Eagle Explorer Kayak is as tough as nails and as rugged as the men and women who choose it. Stem to stern, it’s constructed of tough 1,000 denier polyester-supported high-pressure fabric with quadruple-thickness electronic-welded seams. How tough is the Explorer Kayak? In torture testing, we pounded it mercilessly with the claw of a claw hammer. It had no effect. Neither did stabbing it with a screwdriver. We simply couldn’t penetrate the “crocodile hide” hull.

FastTrack 385ft

The Explorer Kayak’s super-tough hide and wet-or-dry self-bailing drain valves are just two of the ways this boat flaunts its snotty, “bring it on” attitude. Integrated bow and stern spray skirts have water-deflecting guards to keep you dry and rope lacing that forms secure hand-holds and convenient tie-down points.

The Explorer Kayak can be piloted by one and easily accommodates two adventurers and tons of gear. With a beam of just over three feet wide, you get extreme stability. Two shock-absorbing inflatable seats (or optional high-back seats) are held rock-solid with nylon webbing that clips to six integrated D-rings. The Explorer Kayak comes complete and ready for action.

Choose from three hull sizes and two equipment packages. Each comes complete with hull, seats, two double-ended paddles, full instructions (printed and on DVD), inflation pump, repair kit, and convenient carry bag.


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