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doryboatplansDory boat plans is a commonly used type of boat. You can have it by either buying a new one or a second hand. If you buy new it may cost too much and if you found a second hand it may have damage or low in quality since it was already used and you don't want to risk your life in buying a second hand dory boat.

Download Dory Boat Plans Here

Another great option is to create your own dory boat. Building your own dory boat is fun and very easy if you have the right dory plans to follow. It saves you a lot of money and you can customize the boat to meet your desire and taste. If you are building one we highly recommend this Dory Boat Plans that have Step-by-Step procedure.

 YOU can build your own Dory, from the same plans that are currently being used by "The Banker Dory" to custom build Banker Dory's for customers all over North America.

Download Dory Boat Plans Here

These dory boat building plans are your quickest and easiest route to getting the wooden boat you've always wanted but were not sure you would ever own. We guarantee you can build a dory that will be the envy of everyone who sees it. And they will all be amazed at your boat building skill

 All of the materials needed for this boat plan project can be picked up
at any local hardware store and lumber yard.



>> Click Here For Step by Step Procedure in Building Dory Boat

The set of 16' Banker Dory boat building plans are a step-by-step set of instructions on how to build a world class Grand Banks Dory. Absolutely nothing is left out in the process of building your boat. We explain it ALL in easy to understand terms.

It starts by not only listing all of the necessary tools required, but also includes a picture of each tool. Then we list all of the materials needed for construction, and include digital pictures of each piece of material needed, as well as detailed descriptions and exact measurements for each. Wood, screws, tools, water sealant...everything is described in exact detail for you!

We will tell you in explicit detail how to make each cut and any gotcha's that you need to look out for. We have built many many dories and know the process like the back of our hands.



Here's what you will get:

  • A Complete Dory Plan Materials List
  • A Complete Dory Plan Tools List
  • Digital Pictures of all materials needed 
  • Digital Pictures of all tools used
  • A brief introduction to get you started 
  • A Complete Fastener List
  • Digital Pictures of each Fastener needed 
  • Complete step-by-step written instruction of every single step in the building process. We are right there with you, chatting in your ear about every building step
  • 63 of the best quality, crystal clear digital images of every single building step. If we tell you to glue the plans together, we show you a picture of us gluing the planks together 
  • Over 12 drawings of the building steps and material pieces that show you exactly what items like the timbers should look like
  • Every single measurement needed to build your dory. Every measurement. We tell you exactly how long to make your timber, how deep to cut your angles, how long each plank needs to be, etc… 
  • An explanation of every single cut you need to make. We don’t just tell you to cut a board, we show you how to cut it and then tell you why you need to cut it that way

Download Dory Boat Plans Here

  • A healthy dose of humor along the way to make the project fun for the entire family 
  • A discussion of sanding your new dory
  • A discussion of Trimming your thwarts for best look 
  • Professionally designed and formatted dory plan cover art
  • Unlimited customer support before, during and after your project… (More on this important fact later…) 
  • The satisfaction of building something with your own two hands that you can be proud to display to any of your friends and fellow boat lovers
  • A guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with your new plans, or you can get your money back. No hassle and no questions. More on that later as well… 
  • And much, much more…


Build Your Own Dory Boat Today!


Download Here The Step by Step Instruction Manual in Building Dory Boat