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Wooden Houseboat Plan






Would you like to leave at the middle of ocean or lake? How fun is it having you and your family singing or eating together while voyaging in ocean or lake? Its so relaxing too! Being far from stressful cities and road are so relaxing. Having your own wooden houseboat is great!

Do you want to have your own houseboat but you have a limited budget to buy one? Why not build your own so you can save a lot. It's fun building your own wooden house boat that you can do with your family together. Build your own dream house boat plan and enjoy boating together with your family.

Use our testedwooden houseboat plan that we already used to build our own house boat.

So, we built our boat right in our back yard and you can too!  The hull was constructed of local lumberyard materials and covered with fiberglass. The end result was a craft that out performed factory built boats at a fraction of the cost. Plus, there is a special feeling knowing you built your boat yourself.  It becomes more than a boat, it becomes part of your family and I can not think of a better family or school project.



Download Wooden Houseboat Plan


Amateur boat building is huge around the world. Canal boats, pontoon boats, houseboats and just about any type of factory built boat can be constructed by the back yard boat builder.

Here's some that you'll learn with from our ebook so you can build your own house boat:

    - How we selected theright boat plans

    - Whatboat building material we used andwhere to find it 

    -Step by step construction tips with a lot of photos

    - How to prevent wood decay with products found at the local stores

    -Boat Fiberglassing

    -Interior construction

    -Paintingon a budget and what the paint store will not tell you

    - The excitement of the family as we build this dream

    - The agony of theengine purchase

    -The first test launch

    -The Maiden Voyage and how not to anchor

    - The case of the moving channel markers

    -Trips to the Florida Keys with color pictures



    Get Here The Guide in Building Trailered Houseboat with Complete Plans and Instructions


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